After receiving my certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Breath Therapy, I started Inward Bound to give back to a universe that has blessed me my entire life. 

My career started in the for-profit world by selling for a major electrical manufacturer of conduit and cable fittings.  At the same time, I attended law school part-time.  After graduation and passing the bar, I joined a division of Thomson Reuters, a major mass media and information firm.  I rose through the corporate ranks and led a significant business unit.  I was successful through all of my experience in the for-profit world, and in 2004, heard the call to start giving back.

University Hospitals Case Medical Center hired me as its Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations. In three years, I led my team to raise nearly $30 million, which was more money than had been raised from corporations and foundations in the history of UH.   Fundraising was gratifying, but it didn’t completely fulfill my need to give back.  

In 2008, I retired from corporate life and joined two boards, including The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, and The Hope Foundation, which funds clinical trials that seek to cure cancer.  I volunteered for a number of other causes, and began working part-time at Common Ground, a mind, body and spirit retreat center in Oberlin. 

And I learned, through formal training at the Cleveland Clinic, Integrative Concepts and from other sources, how to make a significant difference in the life of another person.  I learned the practices of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Breath Therapy through these trainings, and a few years ago I started Inward Bound to deliver the benefit of these therapies to others.  My practice is not psychotherapy; I am not a therapist.