How do these therapeutic techniques benefit my clients? 

When my client is in that trance state, it is easier for us to work together to find the root cause of a disorder or symptom.  Root causes are often traumatic past events that a client has hidden in his or her unconscious memory.  Clinical Hypnotherapy, in particular, provides my client with greater access to these repressed memories.

What type of response can my clients expect?

I’ve found that both therapies are useful in getting to the bottom of a number of different disorders—anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, stress, pain, and the side effects of addiction are things I’ve helped treat successfully through this process.  I’ve also used this to help people navigate the mourning and grieving process, and to work through habits like smoking or overeating, or managing their anger.  My clients are individuals, couples, parents and their children, and teens to senior citizens.  In addition, my corporate presentations help employers and employees achieve tools for less stress and more work-life balance.  

Individualized Sessions

A session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Some clients find that a single session fulfills their healing process; others return to do deeper work.  All sessions are confidential and under HIPAA.  My fee is $60 a session.  If a client is aware that s/he would like multiple sessions, my fee is $150 for three sessions.  I do not take insurance. 

See Testimonials for safety and efficacy.