How has your experience changed your life?

"I’m a different person today than when I started.  I went to Joni depressed and with several issues that had been a sucker punch to my life and affected my ego, my self-esteem and my ability to go forward in life. At the same time, I thought I was coping.

During sessions that seemed to be just easy talking, breathing, explaining and chilling together, I began to improve.  Not sure exactly when or how, but it happened. After a few sessions she suggested Clinical Hypnotherapy. My past understanding of hypnosis was not favorable. I had never participated in it and was leery of long-term effects. Instead it was a very gentle experience. I was relaxed and somewhat present throughout it.

Being with Joni and her non-judgmental, guiding, direction led me to make some decisions that I didn’t even know I needed to make. As issues bubbled up, I gradually changed my thinking and in so doing began to free myself and my psyche of the things that were keeping me from moving forward. 

She’s been a blessing to me and to the future that I’m choosing to enter."

What whet my appetite to work with Joni?

"First and foremost is trust followed closely by integrity.   Having had the pleasure to get to know Joni as a friend first, gave me insight into the type of person she is.  She is very trust worthy and possesses strong moral principles.  It is clear to me that she is very dedicated to her work and helping others to be all they can be, in a caring, confidential and professional manner.   

My desire to work through my personal baggage so I could FEEL better, also heavily contributed to my decision to work with Joni. 

We’ve done both Clinical Hypnosis and Breath Therapy.  One of the things I am most grateful for regarding my sessions with Joni, is the “tools” she has taught me.  I utilize those tools on a regular basis. They have helped me to get to a better place, to calm self, to better center myself and mostly to better understand why I may be feeling what I’m feeling and then to ultimately release what does not serve me.   Thanks Joni!"

What would you want to know before starting your journey?

"Working with Joni has given me the opportunity to change my life for the better.   Through Breath Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Joni helped me confront deep-seated issues that have had me trapped in my past.  

Thanks to Joni and her specialized services,  I feel more confident .  And, I learned techniques that I can use daily that allow me to control how I react to what happens not only today, but tomorrow and every day of my future."

Why did you seek Joni's assistance?

"After a health issue in which I was misdiagnosed, I sought Joni's assistance. I needed to deal with my anxiety and to help heal my body. 

Each time I met with Joni I left feeling renewed and refreshed. She taught me the value of Breath Therapy and so much more. I would highly recommend Joni to anyone who feels the need to improve their life, or is going through a difficult time to help their body heal. She was an answer to my prayers."